The Raven remastered review

The third time is the charm with The Raven Remastered, a point and click adventure game originally released on PC in 2013 and quickly ported to the PS3 and just recently released as a “Remaster” on PS4 and Xbox One. Handled by THQ Nordic, the remastered is that in name alone. The game looks almost identical to its 2013 counterpart and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Raven itself is set in a 1960’s and oozes the charms of an old style detective mystery, like Agatha Christie or Murder She Wrote.


The story starts off with a daring museum heist that leaves two guards injured. All signs point to the master criminal The Raven being the culprit, the only problem? The Raven has been dead for years now. You play as Constable Zellner, an ageing member of the Swiss police force. Zellner is tasked with escorting a member Interpol aboard a train going across the alps. The story takes some twists and turns throughout the three episodes, just like any good crime novel.  The voice acting is charming and makes even the more of the mundane dialogue easy to get through and Zellner is constantly talking to himself. When Zellner is not talking about how his old age as made him bald or affected his ability to eat sweets, there is a nice orchestral soundtrack to fill in the quiet spaces.


Game play is your typical point and click style adventure. You walk around your environment until an intractable object appears. You can investigate objects, take items for your inventory, combine items and talk to people. In certain areas when there are multiple objects to interact with you must use the right thumbstick to cycle through objects. This helps the fact that the controls are not very precise. And that would probably be my biggest complaint. The puzzles are challenging at times but I felt for the most part a lot can be solved by simply walking around talking to everyone until all your options are exhausted. Even when the game ratchets up the drama it never felt tense or frustrating. And that I think is the biggest draw of the game, story aside. You can turn it on and just play at your own pace, there are no quick action triggers, deadlines or even demanding skills, just a simple charming game. It’s a great pallet cleanser when you just want to relax with a controller in your hand. So if you are a fan of playing at a relaxed pace and are a fan of detective stories, I would recomend picking up The Raven Remastered, out now for $19.99.

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