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When we first started this website we had some lofty goals, we dreamed of going to all the major events like PAX and E3 with shiny laminated badges that said “Press.” We would be on the inside track along with the big boys and get boxes of goodies sent to us from publishers. One big checkpoint on this path to legitimacy was initially getting our reviews on Metacritic, which is a site that compiles the average review score for a game from over hundreds of different outlets. Turns out that is actually pretty hard to do. They only open up for submissions once a year and you need to meet a basic minimum of views and reviews, something we didn’t have at the time of our first year and a half of existence ( and probably still not after three years.) During that time between evaluations we saw a trend appear. Maybe it was always there and we never noticed but we definitely took notice when trying to structure our own reviews. We saw too much emphasis on the number at the bottom of the page.


We try and cover a few basics in each one of our reviews with an added section for those curious about the game from a parenting perspective. A nice touch we eventually expanded on with a series we call “Can My Kid Play It.” It is hard ┬áto put the work into a review to have a large portion of it ignored just to get to some arbitrary number system that varies from person to person and site to site. There is so much more to a game and whether it is fundamentally good or whether you or your kid will enjoy it than a blurb in a box at the end of a few paragraphs or a number on a website. So we made the decision to get rid of the numbering system in hopes for those that see our reviews will get more out of them than a “seven out of ten.” Yes this is like self sabotage, people turn more and more to quick, easily digestible content they don’t have to pay close attention to. A quick glance at a number, or a two minute video review to get only the basic info about a game. We feel like we made the right call even if it takes us that much longer to get to our goals. As we try and carve out our place in the world of game journalism and media, I’m sure we will change more and when we do I know it will be because we think it is the best route for us. We thank those you have kept with us and joined us.

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