Just Dance 2018 Review

I’ve secretly been in love with the Just Dance series for a year now. Anyone who has seen me at a wedding knows that I love to dance and anyone who has been around my daughters for more than five minutes knows they love to dance. One of their favorite activities is to go find some music on Youtube and dance. This is how they first discovered the wonder that was Just Dance. Ever since that day they have been obsessed with doing the “dancing songs” when we do our dance parties. Now with the Nintendo Switch in our house and the just released Just Dance 2018, every night is a party in our house, like literally, so much dancing.

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Obviously the first mode that was played in the house was the kids mode. An easier version with less max stars and no movement prompts. This mode is encouraging and supportive while still being fun. The movements are also less difficult and drastic.  The song collections are geared towards the younger audience as well with Moana being the standout in my household, which is also in the regular version as well. The regular mode is where all the meat of the game is. You have to put some time in with it to unlock the different modes and songs and other collectibles. Once You have done two regular songs, the game unlocks more from you to choose from. Dance a few more, like to say Queen, and you unlock different modes. Keep on dancing and you increase in rank. This let’s you earn in game currency to use to unlock stickers, different song variations and characters. The music selection covers a base of current chart toppers like Bruno Mars to some older songs like Footloose and the aforementioned Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust. Three months of Ubisofts Just Dance Unlimited which let’s you play songs from past games and exclusives. After the trial is up it is thirty dollars for the year. You can take your dancing online to compete against players around the world or play up to four players at home.


One of my major reasons for loving this game is it gets the whole family up in moving which is something that can be harder especially now that we are settling in for the winter. Just Dance 2018 has become part of our nightly routine. It helps the kids get out the last bit of energy from the day and get Mom and Dad (who both have sit down jobs) up and moving. Most importantly it helps us all bond. it’s been a welcomed part of our routine. After the kids go to bed you can try out the sweat playlist to help you lose some pounds. One thing that Ubisoft and Just Dance have promoted is the fact that this is a fun way to get in shape and I can see why. If you are a household that loves music, that loves to dance, that is looking for a way to keep active in the colder months and something you can do with the whole family regardless of age Just Dance 2018 is for you.

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