Holiday 2019 Gift Guide

I am the most difficult person to shop for birthdays and Christmas. I have two needs video games and socks and you best believe this isn’t called the Dadcade for our glorious commitment to all things foot insulating. So without further delay here is your go to list of great gaming gifts for 2019.

Number 1: PSVR

If you are or know someone who has been on the fence about VR, now is the perfect time to buy in. With multiple bundles available this holiday season Sony is reaffirming it’s commitment to VR. The $199 price point comes with five games including Skyrim and what many consider to be one of the best platformers this generation, Astro Bot. The $249 bundle (pictured above) is what I picked up on recently and am so happy with it. The addition of the move controllers takes the VR experience up to the next level. With thousands on VR experiences available right now and more coming soon.

Number 2: Just Dance

Dude it is cold outside, at least where I live and it is nice having something in the house that gets the whole family up and moving. Just Dance has been a staple in our home since 2018. There is nothing better than putting it on at the end of the day to let the kids run down the last bit of their energy or to shake off a day of sitting behind a computer. You can download the app on your phone to play on any system but for me the best way to play is with the joy cons on the Nintendo Switch. Challenge the top scores from around the world, pretend to like Baby Shark or burn some calories in Sweat mode. Just Dance is the must have for the whole family.

Number 3: Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Okay this one isn’t for the family, seriously don’t let your kids be in the room for this one. Call of Duty is no stranger to the holiday shopping lists but for years it hasn’t really seemed like a game you needed to play anymore. That all changes with the latest entry a re imagining of the best Call of Duty of all time, the original Modern Warfare. This new take on some old characters and themes is like a soft reboot the franchise needed to bring back old players. The story is solid and multiplayer offers a bevy of modes the newest being a large scale battle with squads and vehicles ala Battlefield. Call of Duty serves up the best bang for your buck this year and totes a load of free updates and content.

Number 4: Pokemon Sword/Shield

For many, this will be the first true Pokemon game of their youth. It’s my first Pokemon game as well as my kids so it its nice to have that shared experience with them. Having them call me over to tell me they caught a Pikachu or that their Gloom evolved. If you watched the show or collected the cards this is an excellent entry point to the games. It may not include every single Pokemon ever but your kids won’t care and neither will you when you see how happy they are to get their first badge.

Number 5: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Imagine having access to three generations of games all for a low price. That is what you get with Game Pass, play the latest AAA Xbox exclusives or old favorites without committing $60 to something that may not be for you. Gears 5, Sea of Thieves, Halo, Fable…all available for you to play as long as you have Game Pass

Number 6: Game money

If all else fails and you just don’t know what to get the gamer that seems to have everything get them a gift card to PSN or Nintendo Store or the Microsoft Store. There are 1000’s of smaller title games that slip through the cracks every year many for under $20 and they are some of the best experiences of the year. A crisp $50 game card could net them Untitled Goose Game, My Friend Pedro and Donut County. Games that really need to be played.

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