Holiday 2017 Gift Guide

So here we are again. We’ve braved another trip around the sun and find ourselves getting ready to face the drudge of holiday shopping. Maybe you are looking for some ideas for yourself and maybe you’re trying to find some great ideas for the gamer in your life, either way you’re in the right place.


This is the Nintendo Switches first holiday season and the amount of great games available for it will sure make it this years hot item to have.

The console recommendation:

The Nintendo Switch has been pretty hard to find since launch but Nintendo just released the Mario Odyssey bundle. Retailing at $379.99 it is an excellent way to jump in to the latest Nintendo generation with the highest rated Mario game of all time.


The game for you:

The legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a beautiful expansive world. It completely sucked me in with the ability to explore every where and do whatever you wanted. Before I knew it i had over 100 hours in the game and still had not discovered everything.

For the kids:

Rayman Legends is a really fun true to form platformer that boasts highly artistic design and great sound. Each level is unique. You can play co-op on this as well so if you have multiple kids in the house there is no need to have to take turns.¬†This game has earned high praise from just about every major outlet that’s covered it.

Game for the family:

Mario Kart is the essential game for the¬†family on this platform. Not only is Mario Kart a staple of growing up but on the switch it gently eases kids into control with innovative control set up options like motion control steering and auto accelerate. Perfect for those just learning. With up to four players able to hop on at home and all of your favorite Nintendo characters to choose from this game can’t lose.




The console recommendation:

The PS4 Pro is the latest iteration of the PS4 and boasts some pretty neat graphical upgrades, if you have a TV capable of course. There are already some Black Friday deals announced for this so keep an eye out.


The game for you:

Horizon Zero Dawn may have released a few months back but it just released an expansive DLC pack with added missions, weapons and mechanical beasts to hunt down. This is hands down one of the best single player experiences of the year.


For the kids:

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2, you know the drill by now. Run around as your favorite brick superhero, fight and explore through the entire expanded Marvel canon with a bunch of Easter eggs to look out out for. The Lego games never fail to disappoint.


Game for the family:

PlayStation has a really interesting library of titles under the “Link Play category” a series of games that use your phones to interact with the PS4. “That’s You” is a fun take on the Newly Wed game that gives you situations and have you vote on what that person would do, giving you a score on how well you did.




The console recommendation:

With three consoles on the market all similarly named it can be kind of confusing. The Xbox One S is the second iteration of the console. Black Friday deals have some very impressive deals on this smaller console for under $200.


The game for you:

Assassins Creed is back and better than it’s been in years with Origins. Discover the origins of the brotherhood in a expansive, beautifully detailed Egypt. Everything has been upgraded but still feels like you’re playing an Assassins Creed game.


For the kids:

Super Lucky Tales is a brand new 3D platformer from Microsoft Studios. It’s a cute classic styled game with adorable optimistic characters.


For the family:

Hasbro Family Fun Pack is four classic board games brought to the screen. Choose from Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble and of course Monopoly. Best of all no game pieces to lose after someone gets mad and rage quits.



Looking for more recommendations ask us on Twitter or Facebook. We have tons more of great game suggestions for anyone on your list and at what age they can play them.


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