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It all started so simply. A group of dad bloggers branched off to form a specific splinter group where they could discuss what was to many, before the kids I’m assuming, a first love. A place where we could share our enthusiasm and gamertags. A place to schedule some gaming play dates where no one would boot you if you had to go change a diaper real quick. We are the ones who are no strangers to having drool on our playstation controllers. We are the ones whose kids you hear over A COD game on Live. We are the ones who play with the volume down to one during naptime. We are Dads and we are Gamers and with that Welcome to The Dadcade.

The Dadcade is a place where Dads from all over can come to get reviews, news, videos, opinions and all other sorts of articles written by guys like you. Content is created by Gamer dads for Gamer dads always with an emphasis on time, budget, and kids. We work to build a site that is relevant to all aspects of the gamer dad way of life and to build a community to come together with other likeminded dads with hectic and sporadic schedules. We hope you enjoy the experience we provide here at The Dadcade and if you have any suggestions or questions please don’t hesitate to ask.



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