At The Dadcade, we are more than just gamers, we are dads first. We know that for every first tooth there will be a first scrape on the knee. For every first word, a first cough. Every high has a low. Nothing is more terrifying for a parent then those lows. That is why we love and support events like St. Jude Play and Extra Life. Donations to St. Jude Play go directly towards St. Jude children’s hospital. When things are at there lowest, St. Jude steps in to provide world class care and help without ever charging a dime to the family. With Extra Life you can choose which charity you’d like to play for.

When ever we can we love to participate in these events and we keep this page up as a reminder that these fundraisers are out there and worth while of everyone’s attention. To keep up with any future fundraising stream event, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

St Jude Play Live

Click the image above to visit our team page to join or donate


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