DIY PS4 Thumbstick Fix

Awhile back we posted a picture to our Instagram, the same that is the main image of this post. Yes some monster, either toddler or furred variety, chewed up the thumb sticks on one of my PS4 controllers. While they still worked, the experience with them was ruined. I was then turned onto the idea of buying some replacements from one of our community members. So I did my research and found out you can replace them for relatively cheap AND you can replace them with a different style all together.


I like almost everything about the PS4 controller, except for the feel of the sticks. The material, to me at least, feels slippery especially after an hour or so of playing. After doing some research I decided to get the most bang for my buck and ordered a kit off ebay that included the magnetic thumb sticks from the Xbox One Elite. once the package shipped from China I had it in about a week and the process was pretty simple and fast.


For $12 you get the case, 2 screwdrivers and the interchangeable thumb sticks

  1. To start off you want to remove the four screws on the back of the controller, you will need a small philips head screw driver.



2. Once the four screws are off, apply a gentle pressure to the handles and the upper part of the casing. I found it best to slowly work my way around the case, going back and forth. Again gentle pressure is best as to not unseat the shoulder buttons. As well there is a ribbon attached to the back part of the casing which will be discussed in step 3.



3. Once popped, you will see a white ribbon connecting the back part of the case to the rest of the controller. This is for the light. You can gently pull on the ribbon to remove it from the terminal or remove the terminal from the board completely. I would suggest removing the ribbon only has you lessen the risk of damaging one of the many pins on the board.


4. Next you will want to move the battery from its housing, you can keep it connected but beneath it is another screw that holds the board down.



5. With the final screw out, gently start to lift the board away from the front case. I found it easier to pull it away just enough to give the thumb sticks room to be pulled of and maneuvered out. My goal was to move as little as possible. With the old ones off simply snap the new ones on and reverse the process of taking it apart. Before tightening the four back screws make sure everything operates smoothly.


6. With everything back together, you should be all set to enjoy your DIY custom controller. Personally, I am really happy with my decision to add the Elite stcks. They give my PS4 controller a cool unique look and I feel just a bit more precise with the longer sticks when I’m playing Overwatch (which I always am). Hope your repair job goes as smooth as mine. Any questions just comment below and I’ll help you out the best I can.


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