Destiny 2 (A Partial Review)

I gave up on Destiny pretty quickly after being all aboard the hype train for months up to it’s launch. I found it all to be one disapointing slog of a grind. Repeatative, boring and nothing all around lacking. I had preordered the the expansions for it but never bothered to download them. I had moved on and left it on the shelf. When we were planning our streaming line up for Extra Life, Scott and I decided to join some members of the Dadcade community and have them walk us through a raid. I bought The Taken King pack and streamed it all day. I found not much had changed from my time away and quickly after our live stream, Destiny went back to the shelf.



Literally made this kid fall asleep at 9AM after about five minutes of watching it


I was so skeptical of Destiny 2. I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I made jokes about the man bad in it looked like Immoten Joe. I argued with friends that had stuck with Destiny and just generally couldn’t believe how some people could be excited for something so mediocre. So many people I know were pumped for the release. It took Scott, my Co-editor and favorite Overwatch Mercy main, to convince me to actually play it and I reluctantly pre-ordered it through Amazon so atleast I wouldnt have to pay full price.



Totally Immoten Joe right?


I don’t write all this just to take a jab at Bungie or Destiny or the people that actually enjoyed the first one. I write that to give a background on my thoughts and experiences. So that when I say Destiny 2 is so much better than the original that you, the reader knows I’m not just in the back of the hype train drinking guardian kool-aid. But yeah, Destiny 2 is really good. Bungie seems to have really listened over the years and made the right changes to the game. The biggest change is that you no longer have to read through pointless grimoire cards. The story is actually IN THE GAME and it’s not half bad. the characters are likeable, they have clear motivations and the dialog doesnt reference “The Moooooon.” While it is objectively a short story, it serves it’s purpose which is to get you leveled up to the cap so you can do end game activities and earn more powerful gear.


This game feels more atmospheric

The missions all have feel different. There are no more “walk here, defend ghost from waves of enemies, end mission” types of structure. The maps are all designed to encourage exploration but rarely did I find myself going back to the same area over and over and over again as part of mission or side mission. Each area is fairly big and all feel unique and worth exploring. I always felt like I was finding content organically and when I wanted I could easily target specific things to do like public events. Public Events have vastly improved. Now you can see the exact location and when they start. There are a total of eight variations each with a different set of hidden criteria that turns it into a “heroic event” which increases the diffuculty but also increases the loot. Aside from the story this is where I spent most of my playtime.


I don’t have a ton of time into Destiny 2. I haven’t touched the Crucible, done strikes and I am no where near raid ready. I can’t speak for the whole of the game but really those weren’t the problems I had with the original anyway. This isn’t a true review but a piece for those who like me, didn’t like the first one, gave up on it it don’t know why they should come back. If you found some promise with the original but didn’t like the package you should give the sequel a chance. It isn’t a perfect game, but it is a better game and one I know has legs. Bungie has always talked about having a ten year plan for Destiny and if they can continue to listen to the audience and keep building on what was a good concept to begin with, then yeah I will look forward to the remainder of those ten years.

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