Can My Kid Play It: Doom




OK, that was easy. Wait, you wanted more? My one word answer didn’t do it for you? Fine. I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t let your young child play Doom.

Doom is a game that takes us┬áback to the early days of PC gaming. In the original Doom, you played a lone marine, marching through Mars and then later Hell itself, as you annihilated demons with some awesome weaponry. I played this game in my early teens and loved it. It was everything cool and new about the video game world. Awesome music, really cool demonic enemies, and gratuitous pixelated violence. Back then, violence wasn’t so much violent as it was just shooting things and watching them make a sound and crumble. Sure, the game had it’s gory parts with scenery, but the technology just wasn’t there to really wow us with it’s over the top nature. Doom was a classic and it is still a game I look back fondly on. So, it was no surprise that Doom would continue to wow fans well into the future, and with id and Bethesda’s latest Doom game, it’s getting some pretty good reviews. But is this the same Doom game we grew up with? No, it’s not. But that’s not a bad thing. It just means it’s realizing it’s true nature, gory and gratuitous violence, on a much larger and high fidelity state.

Even when we were kids, there was probably an argument to be made about young kids not playing the game. The original Doom was out well before ESRB was a thing, but every Doom since then has received an M rating for Mature, just like this most recent Doom. This is not a game for young kids. Some parents will allow their kids to play shooters that involve aliens because it’s less real. Lasers are being shot and no humans are actually dying. I can get behind that. In Doom, you are also not really killing humans, but rather demons with blood coming out of their orifices and with Satanic runes scrawled over their bodies. When they die, they don’t so much as fall over as they…erupt. The game is a ton of fun, but I’m 32. I’m the target demographic. This game is built to elicit a nostalgic feeling and it does that well. The gratuitous violence is like a B grade horror film with enemies being torn to bits with chainsaws and explosions sending pieces of enemies across the room. This is one game that earns it’s M rating, and young kids shouldn’t be allowed to play it. Now, depending on your kid’s maturity, you can make the decision when you think they are ready, but just know what you’re getting into. Check out a few of the screenshots below and the launch trailer so you know what you’re getting yourself (and your kid) into. Trust that not all games are right for your kid and that others will come out that will be. Let Doom wait until they are into their early to mid teens are the earliest. Even that may be too young for some impressionable kids. You know your kid best though, this series is just to give you a gut response to a question, “Can My Kid Play It?” and in this case, our gut answer is “No.”




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