A Day in the Life of a Gamer Dad.

As my day ends for work I find myself thinking, “Its time to destroy the other players on Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare (XBOX ONE)”. But then reality sets in. I look up and there is my soon to be 2 year old holding his Thomas the tank engine toys and saying “Choo Choo Train”. At that moment my hopes of taking out a group of noobs from my sniper’s nest are shattered. Well, to the train set it is. Get a hour or so in with some hard play time.

And boom he is taking a nap. Yes! ITS TIME TO TAKE NOOBS OUT! I get my system up knowing my son is only 3 feet away napping it out. And then I notice… “Where is my headset? I won’t be able to hear.” So, I search the toy box and behind the couch but it’s where I left it at last night-On it’s charger. Sweet, let’s get to killin’. Load up the game, get on Xbox live. Get a game and start takin’ the noobs down.. Headset is blaring with the sounds of gun shots. I get an epic kill half way through the match and scream out, “Xbox record that!!!!”. Instantly, I know what is going to happen. Immersion is broken. Over the guns shots and explosions is the sound of a child crying. My child, crying because I startled him awake with my shout of excitement. But but but… I am leading in kills. It’s the first match. It’s only half way over.

I want to cry too…. But, I remember, it’s a game. And I am better than these noobs. I am a Father. A Dad. So- I say to my team, “Sorry, the child summons me.” And quit the match. Here is where it’s all worth it-I turn and look and see the tears running off his face. “Do you want to play a game with daddy?” He smiles and goes to grab his controller (it’s a Bluetooth controller for a computer) gets back on the couch. He smiles as I load up Diablo III. Well, it’s not Call of Duty…but it’s a game and he is enjoying it… Well for now, anyway.

The moral of this story is a simple one. As a gamer, like others, I hate to leave matches, raids, or whatever game i am playing…But the smile on my kid’s face is the best ‘Achievement Unlock’ I could ever achieve on a day to day basis.

Dinner’s over, my son is in his PJ’s. “Okay, go brush your teeth and get to bed.” A story is read and finally… there is the sound of snoring.

… And it’s time for me to take down these noobs once and for all. At least until I get another epic kill…

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