Why Sony Doesn’t Need A New Console Next Year

You may have heard the rumors of Sony looking to release another new console in 2018. Just four years into the original console release and not even a full year into the release of the Pro. This move, one can assume, is a direct answer to Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. Another console that really doesn’t need to exist yet and since announce has been greeted with mixed reviews. But here is the thing. Sony doesn’t have to do a damn thing right now.


Sony has outsold Microsoft every single month since both consoles came to market except for three. Three months over a four year time span. Considering how well and good Xbox 360 sold over PS3, that is very impressive. Sony won over the collective heart and minds of gamers everywhere with this perfectly played stunt at E3 a few months before launch.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWSIFh8ICaA[/embedyt]

After that it was essentially “Game over man.” Microsoft has been on the defensive ever since. All Sony has to do is remain calm and in a position to capitalize on the missteps of a competitor.


You can look back very recently and see the last time a company rushed to get out a new console well before the a consoles proper life cycle has ended. The Wii U had been out for a very short time before it was basically abandoned as a failure and replaced by the very successful Switch. That was seen as a move that was very much reactionary to a failed system, much like what the Scorpio is now. The PS4 is far from a failure and therefore shouldn’t be treated the same as the Wii U and Xbone. Adding another console to what is already a flooded market, to me, seems like it will destroy any good faith Sony has worked hard to build up. They have the best selling┬áconsole, they have an exciting amount of exclusives lined up and they have the support of a large number of gamers. Xbox has none of that right now. One of the biggest complaints with Xbox right now isn’t that it’s hardware isn’t good enough, it’s that the complete lack of games. For the foreseeable future that doesn’t look like it’s changing. Maybe Xbox adds some exclusives at E3 to coincide with the launch of the Scorpio, but remember they will only be Microsoft exclusive not Scorpio.



So at this point it just seems like a bad move to be reactionary to a new console from Microsoft. Sony should wait and see what the market does and wants, because right now I don’t think the market wants another machine to watch Netflix on. So what do you think? Do you want a slightly more powerful console from Sony or wait for the big tech jump we all know will come? Tell us in the comments

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