What’s in a Name?

Everyone knows that its bad form to give yourself a nickname, nicknames are earned. You just hope that when you earn yours its for doing something like rescuing a puppy and not drinking too much at a high school party and peeing all over yourself. Enter the online gaming world and the introduction of gamertags. Gamertags are the opportunity for people to self assign nicknames. Your digital identity when playing strangers from around the world. Just like nicknames have stories, so too must most gamertags. We asked around to see some of the stories behind some fellow Dad gamer online aliases.

PicsArt_12-08-07.33.12My gamer tag (ijustlost) comes from two primary sources of inspiration:

1) A friend who introduced me to The Game (not the rapper, THE game – http://ilostthegame.org/rules) ages ago. Every once in a while one of our circle of friends will text one of us with “I just lost” and then the game starts all over again.

2) I suck at multiplayer games, so it’s fitting. And funny when I kill someone and it says “ijustlost has killed…”


PicsArt_12-08-07.33.55I was an early Apple Store employee and a Mac fan… My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) got me the Xbox Live kit the Christmas that Xbox Live launched back in 2002… I’ll never let it lapse. Currently renewed until late 2017.


PicsArt_12-08-07.35.52Yeah see, I was just all “so I want Unicorn in it…but Unicorn WHAT….hmmmmm…OH YEAH GRAVAYYYYYY



Used to play Metal Gear a lot but every platform and every iteration of Solid Snake was taken. Then I saw the South Park episode where someone hid a nuke in Hilary Clinton’s snizz which they called a Snuke.
SolidSnuke was born.



I’m a big fan of God of War and Chuck Palahniuk so I use Kratos Durden on Xboxlive and KratosD on PSN



A couple of buddies and I used to go on and on in Brooklyn/gangster type of accents. “fuggedaboudit” kind of stuff. We each called each other stupid mobster names like “Jimmy One Eye” and “Ned “The Forehead” Malone”.

I got “Donny Five Fingers”, because I was good at finding things cheap, and my buddies always joked I got another five-finger discount.

So, “donny5fingers”



Shocka31…because “TheShocker31” was taken, and I’m still a teen mentally. 31 happened to be my old basketball number



Fenyx. And variations of it when it’s taken. Xx Fenyx xX, Etc. A long time ago on a galaxy far away I rage quit TSO. Of course I wanted to come back to see friends and troll enemies but I didn’t want to use my original name. (Gil, I know, original) long story short I rose like a Fenyx from the ashes (other spellings were taken) and the name stuck. I even had a DJ show for a while. (this was pre podcasting on winamp) I like it and its worked out so far.



My gamer tag is a reference to Pink Floyd (“D-d-did you see the frightened ones?”)

The tag was originally going to be The Frightened One, but back in 2005 there was a limit on name length and only let my input The Frightened. I’m pretty sure we can do longer tags now, but I never bothered to change it.



zombieBOSS700- “zombie” was a nickname I picked up in highschool during a crazy party of some sort I slightly don’t remember. Initially I was “zombieREX” then I changed it when I got the PS3 to “zombieMST3K”. My PlayStation account was hacked at one point so I changed it to “zombieBOSS421” cause out address at the time was 421 and all other new zombie names I could think of were taken.
After getting the PS4 I changed the 421 to 700 since we had moved.



Dexslave_13. My wife jokes that I’m our sons (dexter) little laugh slave. People often think I’m Russian.


HadoukenOnline – This was before I knew about shoryuken.com and I wanted my own website. Hadouken.com was taken and Hadoukenonline.com came up as a suggested alternative. The Internet marketing side of me took over and I used my online gaming as passive advertising.



I’ve been at my job almost 15 years now, when I started I became good friends with this guy Billy. He just started calling me wahlnut and it stuck. And 1977 is to let everyone know that i’m old as hell.



My wife was playing a Pokemon game for the Nintendo Gamecube and decided to name the pokemon after people she knew, but with variations on their names. The badass bear above showed up, and he became t.tocs, my name backwards with a period to emphasize the pronunciation. The name kind of stuck and I used it for other online gaming platforms as well. When the PS3 was released, I didn’t hop on board until a few months in and by that time, ttocs was taken and t.tocs wasn’t allowed, so I became t_tocs. As for my other gamertag, VA1N, I just thought it looked cool and I was a pretty vain early 20’s guy.

PicsArt_12-08-08.08.44I was living on my own for the first time when Xbox live first came out. I was very fond of using my new found independence for things like girls, booze, booze and all things a 19 year old living fifteen minutes away from Canadas lose laws could get into.

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