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There are a few constants in this world. The world is round, the sky is blue, and when a new game in the horror genre comes out my wife and I play through it together. A constant made even more incredible with Perception, a unique FPS horror game from ex Bioshock, current husband and wife developers Deep End Games. So seeing as this horror game was made entirely by a dynamic married duo (who had two kids while making the game) I figured it would be a fun to review it as a dynamic married duo ( who had zero kids while playing it.) So I will let my wife take it from here…


My heart was pounding within the first few minutes of starting the game. Just the idea of entering an abandoned house alone is enough to send literally shivers down my spine- but to do it blind? HOLY SHIT. The creep factor was there right from the start. Entering an abandoned house on a seemingly cold frigid night totally alone and cut of from civilization is where this game starts off. You play as Cassie and begin with a heated phone call from the boyfriend asking you basically where the hell you are and what the hell are you thinking entering this place alone! And cue Mo (The Wife, the Momcade if you will) screaming “giiiiirllll what are you doing?!” at the screen. 

Anyone who has seen me play video games knows that I will verbally and physically express my pure horror throughout the entirety of game play. It is exhausting for all parties involved. I’ve been pretty pumped for this game since I first heard of it’s development. I am a horror junkie and absolutely love to be scared, the idea of a game played as a character without sight interested me- but I seriously doubted it’s ability to scare me because I am used to extreme visually disturbing content (hello silent hill, how I miss the). I could not have been more wrong. 

Echo location is how you see in this game, the developers did their homework on this. You have a cane which you can tap but you want to use it sparingly as each tap can begin to alarm whatever “presence” exists in the house. The controls of the game were easy to pick up- this was greatly appreciated as a mom who rarely gets to game these days.

Within a short amount of time you begin to understand the layout of the place and in those instances where the tapping can make the situation more dicey, having a good sense of direction can be an amazing asset. There are objects around you that will light up a little more than the rest of the scenery and those things will give you insight to what has happened in the past and where you need to go in the present. To my surprise the visual spirits were not as scary as the overall sense of vulnerability that consumes you through the game play. 

The script is a little corny; but if you get over that and allow yourself to truly experience the game you WILL enjoy it. The scenery and sounds are ominous AF. There was an impending dread throughout the game. A really cool little feature of the game is the “sixth sense” if you get a little lost your trusty spiritual insight will always point you in the right direction. Theres some puzzles along the way that aren’t too difficult but really add to the story and move the plot along smoothly. 

This is a very well thought out game. I enjoyed every horrifying minute of game play. I actually had to take a break a few times because I just could not handle being constantly scared for longer than 2 hours at a time. The game play on average is 4-5 hours. But full disclosure I spend great deals of time in games standing there and verbally expressing my apprehension about opening that door or going around that corner to my doom, so it was longer for me. 

If you are a horror fan you will enjoy this game! And I think it’s a steal at the price point of $22.99. You can tell the developer put an insane amount of time and energy into producing this game and I honestly cannot wait to see what they come up with next. Thanks Amanda & Bill for this terrifying treat!


The art design is remarkable for a game that is through the eyes of a blind character

Me again, hi…Developing a game is hard work and parenting is hard work. I can’t even imagine the dedication, love and pots of coffee that went into getting this game gold. Perception is an exciting first entry by the new found company. I hope they take the concept and gameplay themes and expand upon them in the future. While we were given a review copy of the game the thoughts and opinions are our own.

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