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It all started so simply. A group of dad bloggers branched off to form a specific splinter group where they could discuss what was to many, before the kids I’m assuming, a first love. A place where we could share our enthusiasm and gamertags. A place to schedule some gaming play dates where no one would boot you if you had to go change a diaper real quick. We are the ones who are no strangers to having drool on our Playstation controllers. We are the ones whose kids you hear over A COD game on Live. We are the ones who play with the volume down to one during naptime. We are Dads and we are Gamers and with that Welcome to The Dadcade.

The Dadcade is a place where parents from all over can come to get reviews, news, videos, opinions and all other sorts of articles written by gamer dads. Content is created by gaming dads for gaming dads (and moms too!) We work to build a site that is relevant to all aspects of the gamer parent way of life. We hope you enjoy the experience we provide here at The Dadcade and if you have any suggestions or questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

The Dadcade Team

About The Dadcade
Nick Edwards
Nick is a father of two future Space Pirate hating bounty hunters living in Detroit, MI. When not at his day job or spending time with his family he can be found waiting patiently for an Earthworm Jim reboot and playing anything he can get his hands on. Some of his recent favorites include Bioshock, Mass Effect, Uncharted, The walking dead and The Last of Us (except the first ten minutes)

Twitter: @nick_btg

About The Dadcade
Scott Posey
Scott Posey is a first time dad living in Baltimore, MD with his wife and young son.  Scott has been around video games his entire life, starting with his parents Atari 2600 in the 80’s.  Since then, Scott has owned almost every console that has been been released and has played a ton of video games in between then and now.  His favorite gaming genre is Western RPGs with Mass Effect and Fallout being his two favorite series of games.  Scott currently owns all major next gen consoles and spends entirely too much money buying games for them.  When he isn’t gaming, you can find Scott living the dream with his wife and child and blogging about it all over at his site,

Twitter: @FatherNerdsBest

About The Dadcade
Jason Sponaugle
Tech Dad
32. Nerdy. Super hero. Owned a Firebird once. I am Batman. (Have you seen me and batman in the same room at the sametime? Think about it..)  I am a tattooed software designer and work at home dad, trying out blogging for the first time as a way to connect with other dads and preserve these memories of a fast growing hellion. Video game enthusiast. I shot a man. Once. (Don’t worry, it’s only a game.)
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