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Every year, the entire video game world converges on California for E3 – The Electronic Entertainment Expo. People in the gaming world and fans from all across the world anxiously await news of new releases and footage from games to be released in the future. This is the place where the biggest and best video game announcements are made and one thing that you can always bet will precede the event – predicitions! So, without further adieu, we here at The Dadcade give you our predicitions of what we’ll see at the E3 press conferences next week.

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They’re coming back

There are a lot of things that need to happen this year for each company that will be having a press conference. The first press conference is Sunday night and it’s Bethesda. This is the first time Bethesda is having their very own press conference and they aren’t sparing any expense. They have Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler hosting the pre and post show and with the recent release of the Fallout 4 news, you have to think to yourself – what is so big that warrants their own press conference. Fallout 4 news is huge, but they let that slip out early on purpose. If that’s the case, they are going to have to have some heavy hitter news. What do I think they will talk about? Well, with a high degree of certainty, I believe Doom will be covered, Elder Scrolls Online news will be covered, and a new Wolfenstein will be announced. My unlikely, but would love if it were true predicition is that Fallout 4 has a Holiday 2015 release date. That would start E3 off with a bang and get people crazy excited for the end of the year. Is it likely? Probably not, but it would be awesome.

Heading over to the console companies, Microsoft is set to have a huge E3. News announced yesterday that big name games announced last year Crackdown and Scaleborn won’t even be shown at this E3 press conference, instead being held off until Gamescom in August. Those are huge name games, so for them to be left off the list I think we’re going to see a ton of new announcements for games. I’m going on record saying that a new Battletoads game is almost a guarantee at this point (why else would they be in Shovel Knight?) We’re also likely to see a new Forza game (not Horizon, just Forza prime) and I have a feeling that we’ll see a number of new IPs. Microsoft knows they screwed up early in the next gen race with their botched approach to media first. They are doubling down on games and they are going to try and make the Xbox One as relevant as their 360 was. We are also going to see Tomb Raider and Halo for sure, but that’s obvious. My bold predicition? Gears of War 4 is announced.


Maybe coming back?

Sony is next and they easily have the hardest time. Their big name exclusive that should have been out this year isn’t going to come out until 2016 so there needs to be something else to hold fans over. Sony needs to come out swinging with exclusive games that will continue Sony’s 1st place spot in the console war. I have a feeling we’ll see a new Guerilla Games release (the Killzone guys) and we’re going to see a ton of awesome indie games coming to the PS4. Sony will continue to ignore the PS Vita and PSTV with only a handful of announcements of mediocre games coming to the platform. Sony needs to have more exclusives on their platform and they need to be good. Their killer game The Order wasn’t so killer and Nathan Drake isn’t going to be seen until 2016, so hopefully they can make strides in new games by then. I have a feeling we’re going to see more HD remasters from Sony (and Microsoft for that matter) and this is something that will continue into 2016. My bold prediction? Hideo Kojima joins forces on a PS4 exclusive game and comes out on stage to wild applause.

Nintendo is the final big console brand and I think they’re going to have a decent showing. We already know Zelda is being released until 2016, so they need something big (like Sony) to come out this holiday season. We’ll see more Zelda gameplay, but I think they’re going to show a new game from a big franchise. What do I think it’ll be? Mario Galaxy 3. It’s time and they just need to do it. Mario Galaxy was such a big hit, and with their recent availability on the eShop, I think it’s time we see it come to the Wii U. My bold prediction – we finally get a next gen Metroid game. It’s unlikely, but hey, this is a bold prediction.


Announcing the Nintendo Wiinana

Announcing the Nintendo Wiinana

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first shall we? We all know Nintendo isn’t going to have much this year to show at E3. The highlight will be the resurrected World Championship. They will talk, not show, about the new console and assure everyone that they can hang with the big boys. Nintendo will show either a trailer for Zelda which isn’t coming out this year or a trailer for a new Metroid that will give the owners of the Wii U some reason to keep it around. Another sure fire E3 moment will come from Sony. To shift focus away from the lack of AAA exclusives slate  for the rest of 2015, Sony will push it’s indies big time, after that come out blazing with a amazing 2016 lineup.

A little further down the plausible rabbit hole will come from Bethesda. Bethesda has a huge press conference scheduled and are even bringing back Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb (more on this later) to host the event. By this time everyone knows that Fallout 4 is coming so the going theory is that Fallout is coming this year and I agree with that, but why host your first ever conference unless you have more than one game to show? What’s another IP in Bethesdas arsenal that would get people excited? Not Elder Scrolls. Dishonored. For a brand new IP, Dishonored did very well and while it is still too early for another Elder Scrolls game, Dishonored 2 could very easily be announced and have some sort of release in 2016. Another middle of the road expectation will come from the long in development The Last Guardian. We know that the trademark was just renewed and the architect of the PS4, Mark Cerny, has recently taken over the project. So throw that release date into my earlier prediction of Sony going heavy in 2016.


Dream on, Nick!

Now I wouldn’t really call the rest of my predictions, well, predictions really. These next items are going to be more like lofty wishes. First up, who loved The Last of Us? I, for one, hold that game as a golden standard of everything good about gaming. Sony will announce a sequel to The Last of Us and it will come in 2017. I said it was lofty. We know that Naughty Dog split into two teams before to tackle Uncharted and The Last of Us so why couldn’t the team jump right back into the world and start working on a sequel? Yes I know some people left the company but a top tier company like Naughty Dog can attract huge talent. Now coming back to my earlier mention of Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. After going through a backlog of fan mail, Morgan Webb will have come across my letter written years ago. She loved it so much she will call me out during the press event and profess her desire to run away with me. An offer I will have to decline.

Honorable mention: Re releases, re releases as far as the eye can see……



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