OPINION: A Knee Jerk Reaction to a Leaked Nintendo Controller

If you’ve been around the internet over the last day or so you may have seen the image in this posts header pop up. That is a supposed “leaked” photo of Nintendo’s unconfirmed next console, the Nintendo NX. Although unconfirmed I will totally take my time to sit here and write about it as if it is in fact 100% true. Since I’ve told you now that I’m working under the assumption that this is true we can be on the same page when I ask “What are you thinking Nintendo?”


Nintendo went for broke when it decided to break from the herd and introduce one of the most popular gaming consoles of all time with its innovative motion controls and simplified experiences. Bringing in gamers from casual to hardcore, newbies and veterans, old and new, the Wii took the globe by storm. At a time when Sony and Microsoft were battling it out for in the $500 price range the Wii snuck in at $250 and dominated the other two. It wasn’t long after that dust started to collect on Wii’s everywhere. The problem being that third party games where just not on that system or if they were, they were simplistic and uninspired ports while Nintendo’s stable of classic IPs only got a worthy release maybe once or twice a year. After awhile the motion controls just seemed like a cute gimmick and of course gimmicks have a lifespan.


Months before the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, Nintendo released the confusing Wii U, once again with a gimmicky controller and almost no third party support and barely any first party support. The 2015 E3 showing was a smoke show to where an apology was actually issued by the company. The console sold miserably with the final nail in the coffin coming this week with a rumor that they would stop production on it in 2016.


I’ve written before about Nintendo and there bizarre business tactics, so that’s why this supposed controller (remember, we’re assuming this is true) is baffling. The market shows a strong support of the games Nintendo puts out but also a long memory when it comes to not being able to play more than one or two of those great games a year. Not being able to play anything else on it because of the gimmicky specs they place in the consoles is becoming tiresome. While Nintendo was riding the high of the Wii, the market changed. Consumers expect more from a console. They expect more than another gimmicky controller that looks like your hands would be sore after 15 minutes of Super Mario All-star Lacrosse. I had hoped that Nintendo would have learned, that they would have listened to the fans because if not I don’t think they will be in the console market too much longer. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.




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