Nintendo’s Switch

It happened everyone. After a long held believe that Nintendo should NOT make anymore consoles, I’ve switched (insert snapping noise here) my opinion. That is right, I pre ordered the Nintendo Switch. Three months after the initial revealing, one day after the special presentation and during the Live Tree House event I clicked the “Add To Cart” button on my Amazon account.

It seems though that not even a full week after and my excitement for the Switch is beginning to wane. Nintendo is clarifying on some of its statements given at the Thursday night presentation and that isn’t always reassuring. Nintendo seems to be jumping in the paid online experience. And while this move has only improved services like PSN and Xbox Live, they also have a bevy of games that warrant the price tag and sweeten the deal by giving away games every month. Nintendo will have a few multiplayer games and will offer a temporary NES or SNES game once a month. Not really a good start for that.


I like most people, I’m assuming, are pre ordering the Switch so they can play Zelda, a launch title. One of like five launch titles to be exact. While Zelda is more than enough to keep me busy until more titles get released by comparison the Wii U had about thirty titles during the launch window and we all know how that turned out. Nintendo has responded to the criticism by saying that launch titles are not the end all be all and it is focused more on providing a steady stream of exciting games but given the history it still instills a certain fear in me.


The overall cost has me worried as well. What made the Wii so successful was its price point in compared to the other two major systems. Being half the price of the competition turned them into a companion console to the PS3 or Xbox 360. Homes could afford to buy a console for their beloved Nintendo games even though it wasnt as graphically impressive or feature rich because they already had consoles that scratched that itch. The market now is at a point where both Sony and Microsoft have there updated models out on the market and consoles have been discounted down to the price point of the Nintendo Switch. Which does not have a DVD/Blu ray player and at launch will not be used for multimedia applications such as Netflix. And let us not forget to mention the high price point on accessories. A pro controller will cost you seventy dollars and a second pair of Joy Cons will run you ninety dollars. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a second dock you can purchase, expandable memory, a charging station for the joy cons, wrist straps, steering wheel peripherals, etc , etc, etc.


Before I talk myself out of this thing let me talk about the bright side of the Nintendo Switch. It seems to have really impressive tech built into it. Tech that will allow developers to really flex their creative muscles on how games can be played. More importantly it looks like they are not going to force that innovative tech into all of their games making for clunky, frustrating controls like they did with the Wii U and to some extent the Wii. Their new fighting game Arms, while shown using the new joy cons can be played with out them. Plus Skyrim is coming to the Switch and if a company like Bethesda can offer third party support, that gives me hope that more AAA games can make their way onto the platform giving it a longevity that escaped the Wii U.

With the launch just under two months away only time will tell if Nintendo is learning enough from its past to continue in the console market and lets just hope we finally see a new Metroid. What about you? Are you a day one adopter or do you need to see more before you buy?

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