Indie PC Fan Favorite Jazzpunk Coming to PS4

One of my favorite indie games to have come out in the past few years was Jazzpunk. Jazzpunk was a first person game that can best be described as a mix between a cold war spy game mixed with pop culture in a hilarious world of nonsense. It’s brilliant and was a ton of fun to play on the PC. Announced today though, Jazzpunk is coming to the Playstation 4 and with it, a whole slew of new content for both single player and multiplayer. Adult Swim and Necrophone Games released something special when Jazzpunk came out, and I can’t wait for those of you who didn’t play it on the PC to finally enjoy this warped, but oddly endearing game that has one hell of a sense of humor. Read up on the full details over at Playstation Blog.

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