Help The Dadcade Support St. Jude Children’s Hospital

At The Dadcade, we are more than just gamers, we are dads first. We know that for every first tooth there will be a first scrape on the knee. For every first word, a first cough. Every high has a low. Nothing is more terrifying for a parent then those lows. That is why we love and support St. Jude children’s hospital. When things are at there lowest, St. Jude steps in to provide world class care and help without ever charging a dime to the family.

St. Jude has launched a fundraising effort with video game streaming website Twitch and retailer Gamestop to allow gamers to raise money for this worthwhile cause. How do they raise this money? By doing what they do best – playing games. The Dadcade team can think of no better cause and no better way to raise money for kids than by playing games and helping families. That’s why we have created our own Dadcade fundraising team and we want you to join. All throughout May we will be live streaming games as well as hosting special events for all members of the team. If you aren’t a big gamer, that’s ok too, we’d love it if you donated to our team to help support this very worthwhile cause. To find out more about The St.Jude Play Live fundraiser or to join our team/donate, please click the image below to go to our team page. If you would like to keep up with our progress, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

St Jude Play Live

Click the image above to visit our team page to join or donate


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