E3 Predictions and Champagne Dreams

Every year, the video game world gathers around Los Angeles, CA to show off their latest and greatest games, tech, and consoles to the gaming press. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has been around for a number of years, and while it’s popularity and participation from big companies has waned recently, it’s still the biggest video game show of the year. Each year, Nick and Scott like to write about what they hope to see at E3 and make some predictions about where they see the industry going. So, without further adieu, the wannabe gaming seers will drop some truth bombs on you about what they think will be at E3 this year.


Quake-LogoWe are a few years into this generation’s life cycle, so I think we’re going to start seeing some bigger games coming out/being announced. Games that were talked about in years past will be shown and get release dates (No Man’s Sky, ReCore, Zero Horizon, etc.) Those type of announcements are always expected, but I believe some other bigger games will be announced as well. Bethesda is having it’s own show again this year and they are going to kill it with one major announcement that will get fans excited – Quake. With Doom’s popularity and it’s reception by the gaming press, we’ll see a return to the old school fast paced shooters and Quake will be just what the fans wanted. There is also talks of Prey 2 and a Skyrim Remaster. My longshot guess – a new Elder Scrolls game will be teased, but won’t be available for some time.

Microsoft’s E3 pressers are always a favorite (at least since they gave up on Kinect) and I think this year will show games above all else. Xbox head Phil Spencer loves to show off gameplay clips and I think we’re going to get some more Xbox Exclusives. Personally, I want to see more of Scalebound, the Platinum Games dragon game that was shown off last year. Microsoft will also show off their Xbox One Slim and possibly talk about their new upgraded Xbox One device (Scorpio) that will compete with Sony’s rumored PS4.5 (Neo), although it won’t be released until 2017. Crackdown will be shown with a holiday release window as well. Longshot guess – Psychonauts 2 will be revealed (this could be either Sony or Microsoft, but I have another longshot for Sony, so Microsoft gets this one.)

Kojima's new game

Kojima’s new game

Sony has been on a high with E3 pressers ever since they announced their PS4’s price difference to Xbox One’s 3 years ago. This year, I think they are going to focus on games as well since that seems to be what consumers want, especially this early in the life cycle. Sony has struggled with lack of first party exclusives, so the announcement of Last of Us 2 (Nick is going to be so pumped!) with some gameplay demo will make a ton of people happy. We’ll also see more Final Fantasy VII remake and a release date for episode one will be announced for a holiday release window (which I bet gets pushed to early 2017 later in the year.) Finally, and probably my most anticipated game, Persona 5 will be shown with a gameplay demo, although it won’t be released until 2017. Longshot guess – Hideo Kojima is brought out on stage to tease a new game he is working on.

Nintendo…oh, Nintendo. Nintendo has done nothing but disappoint fans recently with the news of Zelda not coming out in 2016 and the fact it will be made available for both the Wii U and the Nintendo NX. I’ve heard mixed rumors that the NX won’t be shown, and I think that’s a mistake. Nintendo needs to show more games for the Wii U to convince fans it wasn’t a complete and utter waste of a console, but I’m not holding my breath. Longshot guess – new Mario Galaxy game is announced.

xl-2016-battlefield1-1Finally, the publisher shows. Ubisoft and EA. Ubisoft will continue to show off Watch Dogs 2 to just complete indifference by the gaming press. I’m sure they’ll talk up the Assassin’s Creed movie and maybe even announce the next one they are working on, although it won’t come out until 2017. EA’s presser, as usual, will contain a ton of EA Sports, but more importantly, will show off Battlefield 1, which everyone is excited about.

One thing I didn’t mention, but I think will be shown extensively is VR. Sony is going to talk up their VR device and show off how games will handle it, and I’m sure other publishers will show off their VR offerings. Microsoft will most likely have an answer to the VR question as well, although I don’t know if it will be HoloLens or something else.


E3, the time of year where you will find out how much money will be going to the industry in the coming months. A time when we learn more about games previously shown at last years events and get some sneaky new trailers. Last saw Bethesda stole the show and many are wondering what they have in store for this year. There is also many who speculate we will at least hear about new consoles from all three major companies despite the current life cycle only stating 3 years ago.

While I’m excited to see a return of several games first revealed last year, most of my hopes and dreams are on seeing what Sony has in store for VR. I really want to see games, demos, plans. What they are asking is a muchQa0zJPgT higher investment for it to be treated the same way Sony has handled it’s handheld devices and Move licenses. I can only keep up my excitement for so long and with a fall timeline for release I just want to be assured that after a year of being on the market it won’t just be collecting dust. I ultimately decided to buy an Xbox One after seeing some of the promise in their upcoming exclusives last year. While my happiness with the console has diminished greatly, it still doesn’t change the fact that I want to see more of Recore. While the former Mega Man creator is busy working on multiple delayed projects it would be really reassuring to have a concrete release date.

Now, lets get back to those games I mentioned earlier. For Honor, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Zero Horizon. I want to see more of these games please and if at all possible announce a new Splinter Cell. That would make me extremely happy.

As I so loftily predicted last year, we know that a sequel to The Last of Us is in the works. What I am guessing is that we get more info out of the Sony camp about this game. As well as another big deal is Kojima taking the Sony stage to reveal his next big project which will be a Sony exclusive. Also, I think we’ll finally see a return for SOCOM. Sony needs to keep up with the exclusives and this is one I think will appease an entire generation of Sony fans.

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