E3 2017 Dadcade Predictions

It’s E3 time again and the gaming portion of the internet is littered with articles breaking down what will be at each show. Wild predictions are abundant and an overall, albeit fading hope for Half Life 3 can still be heard. Since we are only slightly different than the rest of the gaming internet and because this is a yearly ritual we look forward to, here is our take on what could be happening this year at E3. Make sure to check back during the week as we have updates and impressions and a first hand recount from the Microsoft presser as one of our own sits in.



Microsoft has taken a beating since launch. They lack exclusive titles and the ones that they do have barely even registered a “meh” from most consumers. Factor in the canceling of one I.P. that had numerous people interested and it does not look good. We all know they are going to give a good chunk of their show to talking about the Scorpio. We know they will talk about how it will be the best place to play games, they will show Crackdown 3, Forza and State of Decay. I think they will stumble through an update of Microsoft Glass that will give people time to check their twitter feed.

Safe Prediction: will be an underwhelming announcement of exclusives, one being Halo.

Middle of the Road Prediction: Price point will be $600 which will leave many upset since once again there will be no Scorpio exclusive games.

Left Field Prediction: they will build upon the Oculus partnership and announce price points and game


Sometime between E3 of last year and this one, I lost faith in Microsoft. It’s not that I don’t want them to do well, I’m just not holding my breath for them. Their lack of exclusives pretty much ensures I rarely turn the console on anymore. Phil Spencer has assured fans that games are coming and they’ll have to have them in order to sell the Scorpio. It’s confirmed the Scorpio will be announced, but I just can’t see it being the showstopper Microsoft thinks it will be. It’s either going to be $500 or $600, which instantly makes it one of the most expensive consoles in recent memory. Without Scorpio exclusive games, this ends up being a lot of power for not much return. I’m sure we’ll see a new Halo and a new Forza, but what will really matter is the exclusives. If Microsoft doesn’t come out strong with them, then it’ll all be for naught.

Safe Prediction: Crackdown 2 is shown and it’s awesome

Middle of the Road Prediction:  Sunset Overdrive 2

Left Field Prediction: New Fable game is announced (I wish…)



Nintendo honestly has all the momentum going into E3. The Switch has been a huge success and they have had a steady release of games since launch. We know they will talk about Mario and Pokemon, but they need to tease some more third party support to ease peoples fears.

Safe Prediction: They finally announce a launch date for Skyrim

Middle of the Road Prediction: They announce a Mario Odyssey bundle

Left Field prediction: Metroid is coming!!!


Nintendo typically doesn’t use E3 to show off anything too new. They like to roll at their own pace and I doubt we’ll see anything earth shattering. We’ll see more gameplay of Mario Odyssey and Splatoon will be on display for sure. We’ll see some Breath of the Wild DLC and I think they will make some future announcements for key games in the Nintendo arsenal. I also think we’ll see a new HD remake of a Zelda game (Skyward Sword.)

Safe Prediction: Additional DLC is announced for Breath of the Wild

Middle of the Road Prediction: Animal Crossing is announced for the Nintendo Switch

Left Field Prediction: Miaymoto takes the stage and literally turns into a Pikmin to announce the new game for the Switch



As much as Nintendo as all the momentum coming into E3 this is still Sony’s to lose. They have the advantage again, of presenting after Microsoft. So they should take any negative reaction if any from their conference and really twist the knife in. If Scorpio is the best to play games according to Phil Spencer, PlayStation is the best console to have actual games. They need to show case games, games and more games.

Safe Prediction: God of War is the highlight and we get a release date and release dates for their big showings last year

Middle of the Road Prediction: We get some sort of price decrease to stick it to Microsoft

Left Field Prediction: Last of Us 2 is coming early 2018


Sony only has to focus on one thing this E3, don’t piss off your fans. I know that’s often times a difficult endeavor for press conference, but if Sony sticks to the games (like it has done in the past) and maybe announce a price cut to their systems, they can’t really screw this up.

Safe Prediction: God of War and Spiderman are heavily shown

Middle of the Road Prediction: Sony cuts the cost of the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim to deal a blow to Microsoft’s Scorpio

Left Field Prediction: Last of Us 2 isn’t shown

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