Doing Date Night, The Dadcade Way #KingOfSoup

There is nothing like being a newly married couple. The world is your oyster and everything is an exciting adventure, no matter how mundane. Probably the most exciting of adventures you can partake in is going out to eat. Trying new restaurants when first married helps you define what will become your favorite place to eat when you can no longer go out to eat all the time, like when you have kids. Through restaurant trial and error, my wife and I settled easily on what would be our favorite night out. A steakhouse in the heart of downtown which served us well for many anniversaries, birthdays and just a good meal out. Then kids happened. Soon our world of being wined and dined became a world of dinners that have been left to get cold while we tend to the kids water needs or their ketchup needs or the fact that the food that was too hot a second ago has no gone too cold for them. Often we find ourselves standing over the stove making the kids’ plates shoveling food into our mouths just so we can taste some warm food. And forget date nights out. It’s hard to find a sitter these days so most “nights out” are spent on the couch with something out of a Styrofoam container or a pizza box.

That is where the fine people at Idahoan® Foods come in. They challenged us, as well as a few other bloggers, to recreate the magic of a night out in a steakhouse setting in the comfort of our very own home. One lucky winner will be crowned the #KingofSoup and once you read on, will find out why that is us. I vowed to treat my wife to a steakhouse style experience. To start my steakhouse transformation, I thought long and hard about what, at its core, makes a steakhouse a steakhouse. The first thing I think of when I hear steakhouse is a nice place setting.

Second, what would a nice dinner be without a little candle light?


It’s already coming together at this point. You can tell from the look on my wife’s face how excited she is for the truly authentic steakhouse experience I am creating just for her.


And of course what world class restaurant would be complete without some lovely ambient music? But anyone can plug an MP3 player in and play some classical music, but only the classiest of places have a dude in a coat playing piano live.


An excellent dressed and professional looking staff is a must for any proper steakhouse as well as fine cocktails.

20170117_200525 (1)
A lot of my favorite places offer a view of the kitchen, so I wanted the same for my steakhouse. Who doesn’t want to see how much love and care goes into making a five-star meal?

Finally, all the buildup of the evening pays off when the first course is served. A delightful creamy potato soup.


Thankfully my wife was willing to share and I just happened to have my favorite soup spoon ready to go.


From stove to table, I had prepared a delicious steakhouse style potato soup in just five minutes. The chunks of real Idaho® red potatoes and skins pairs well with anything you can whip up in the comfort of your own home, turning any night in to an experience. Idahoan® Premium Steakhouse® Potato Soups are fast, convenient and tasty and most importantly can make you a #KingofSoup, but only in your own home because the official title is mine. For more information and offerings head to or follow @IdahoanFoods on social media.

I have partnered with Life of Dad and Idahoan® Foods for this campaign, but my opinions are my own.


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