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The holidays are upon us once again like a ravaging hoard of Nazi zombies and if you’re anything like us you may have missed some really good games this year. So let the Dadcade team tell you about what games we think would be a hit with both you, the adult gamer, and the kids this holiday season.  Below, each member of The Dadcade staff have picked out one “dad” game and one “family friendly” game you should definitely check out this holiday season.  If you have any additional suggestions about games you think we might have missed, be sure to tell us in the comment section.  Happy Holidays!



Shadows of Mordor: I only heard a little bit about Shadows when it first came out, it was a new I.P. set in the LOTR universe, Troy Baker was a voice in it, you kill uruks, and that was it. When
it was out a little while I began to hear about how great the nemesis system was and how much fun this game was because of it. I finally decided to get it over AC unity and I’m happy I did. It plays like AC only a more straight forward story and a pretty good upgrade system. I’ve spent hours tracking down Uruk captains and learning their weaknesses to better defeat them to get better ruins for my equipment. This is easily the best game I’ve played all year and if you like the LOTR universe you will dig this game.

Little Big Planet 3: If you’re looking to spend some family game time together over the holiday season, you should check out Little Big Planet 3. The LBP series is about “play” as much as it is about “create.” It’s cute, fun, customizable, accessible and you and your kids can spend hours creating and playing your own levels and see what other people have made as well.  This is a Sony PS4 exclusives though, so you will need that system to enjoy the game.



Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Being an avid COD fan boy I had to pick this up even with the issues going on with Activision and the original developers. We have played through most great wars, as well as a few unknown ones in the first few Call Of Duty games. What comes next? Well, now we find ourselves in the future, still fighting the good fight, but with a few new technological advancements to play around with. My reasoning for choosing this game for the Holiday Guide for Dads is a simple one; where else will you get the chance to take down your fellow dads in arms and enjoy it?  Plus, the cybernetic suit is a great addition to the series. This is hands down one of the best Call Of Duty games I have ever had the pleasure to play. Well…In addition to Call Of Duty 4.

Viva Pinata:  It’s an oldie but a goodie, but if you are looking for a family game something you and the kids can play, you can’t beat Viva Pinata for the Xbox 360/PC. A simple game anyone from the ages of 3 and up can grasp and for 3 and under to enjoy watching. It might be a old game but if you have a console that supports it, it WILL keep you occupied with the kids for hours so your wife can finally get that good soak she has been wanting to take for the past 5 years.



Dragon Age: Inquisition: Hands down, one of my favorite game developers is BioWare.  Anything they put out (and Bethesda for that matter) will be a hit with me.  This year continued my trend of loving anything they release with the latest game in their Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Inquisition.  In DA:I, you play the Inquisitor, a man or a woman who’s destiny has put him at the forefront of a war against the dark with lives and nations hanging in the balance.  This game is huge on an epic scale.  You will easily put in close to 100 hours if you play through the main mission and a few side missions along the way.  If you want to do everything in the game, throw on another 50.  Between the loot drops, the customization of the main character, and the epic storyline that had be captivated until the very end, you can’t pick a better game this holiday season.  Even if you weren’t thrilled with the second Dragon Age (let’s be honest, none of us were) you should absolutely give this game a shot.  It took what worked in the first game, an epic story and engrossing combat, and combined it with the character development and more action packed events of the second to create a game that is far better than the first two.  Without a doubt, Dragon Age: Inquisition is my recommendation for “dad” game this holiday season.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U: My son is still pretty young, so he isn’t going to be playing any games just yet, but I can imagine this would be the perfect game to let him mess around with.  It’s a fighting game with characters from the Nintendo universe that everyone loves and the gameplay is simple enough for button mashers to get their heads around and complex enough for fighting game fanatics to master.  Nintendo also released their Amiibo figures (check out our review for them here) that work well with the game and are fun to collect.  You will need a Nintendo Wii U to play this game, but with all the big hits Nintendo has put out this year alone, it’s easy to recommend picking one up now.  This game could have easily been under my “dad” game section because you’ll love it just as much as the rest of the family.

DC Stuart@Dadcade_Stuart

Grand Theft Auto V: Since picking up Grand Theft Auto V for the XBox 360 late last year, I have played very little else. Many followers of the series aren’t convinced that this is the best edition yet, but for me there can be absolutely no doubt and for diversity of gameplay, I would be not just surprised, but astonished, if you could come up with another game that offers you even close to as much as GTAV does. The city of Los Santos is huge, and the level of detail throughout the game world is nothing short of unbelievable. More than one year on I am still discovering new places on a daily basis. It’s fun just going around shooting everyone you see, of course it is, but GTAV is so much more than that. For me it’s only criticism can be the lack of personalisation options for the character you take into GTA Online, but that’s no big deal and certainly doesn’t detract from the amount of fun the 16-player online servers throw at you.

The Sims 4: I have a confession to make. I originally purchased The Sims 4 not just for my kids to play, but for myself also. Again it’s a series I’ve been a fan of from the beginning, and I’m really not ashamed to admit it. For my kids though The Sims 4 has proved to be more than a game. Not only do they love creating their own little families, picking and choosing the look and personality of each person as well as their clothing, but the building mode is so intuitive that even my two daughters (aged 6 and 7) can create fully furnished homes from scratch with no help from me at all. Then comes playing the game. Their have been some issues, such as borderline panic attacks from my 6 year old when some dude started a fire when cooking pancakes (or trying to), but I often find myself sitting behind them watching them play. It inspires them so much, and makes them think constantly about the well being of the people they’re in control of. It’s bringing some valuable life lessons to my kids, and I’m pleased to say it’s not just the pleasant ones. It gives them fun, haves them using their creativity and imagination, and puts questions of morality in front of them – and I’m delighted to say, they’ve not yet killed a single Sim!



Saints Row 4: In the history of silly, pointless games, which only have the motive of mindless (sometimes disturbing) entertainment, this probably tops them all. The Fourth installment of the Saints Row series provides us with a Matrix (ala Keanu Reeves) style world where you have superpowers, fight aliens, become the President of the United States, and beat up baddies with Roddy Piper. The collection of automobiles remains generally the same as the previous installment although with a few minor additions such as a supped up Lamborghini style supercar, and alien vehicles as well. The graphics seem to not have been upgraded since SR3, but no need. The money they didn’t spend on graphics, they spent on story development, and I have a confession to make: At the end of the day, this silly, raunchy, ridiculous, totally non-serious game packs a serious punch. So much so, if they HAD spent more money on graphics, it would have easily been GOTY worthy. Just don’t play it with the kids in the room….

Little Big Planet 3: Unfortunately, my little one is still way to little to play with any games like these. Fortunately however, I still have the imagination of a little kid, and love playing these types of games. LBP and LBP2 were absolutely wonderful, and still satisfy to this day. LBP3 continues the series, solidifying in the Dictionary of Gaming under the term “Fun”. With new characters, new outfits, and chock full of story, any young-ins who enjoyed the previous two will go nuts for this. Who knows, maybe you will too!

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