Dadcade Fathers Day Gift Guide


Brace yourselves, Fathers Day is coming and with it an influx of ties, coffee mugs and if you’re lucky a voucher for a car wash. At least Mom can boil down that macaroni art and make some lunch out of it. So maybe you should just stare in the mirror and work on your “Oh Wow! This is a super cool tie” face or you can very subtly drop some hints by sharing, liking, or discussing this post for it has everything the discernible Gamer Dad could ever want.


Nintendo Switch $299.99


I have never been much of a portable gamer, while I like the idea of being able to game whenever and where ever, the truth is the graphics never stacked up and it’s hard to want to play on a tiny screen when I’m home with a full size TV. I’ve been completely enamored with my Switch since release. It has the power and beauty of a console and easy to pick up and take with you to your daughters dance class, for instance. What makes this a great pick is that you can easily turn it into a family gift. My daughters love the kid friendly controls of Mario Kart 8 and telling them about the adventures of Zelda and Link is like an added treat for me. Throw in the new fighter Arms and you have something for not only you but every member of your family


Sony Gold Wireless Headset $72.99

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset-6

My historic love for this headset knows no bounds. For starters these are the most affordable, comfortable and versatile headphones I have ever owned. Whether you want to do some down low gaming after bed time while actually being able to hear the dialogue or you wife is on her laptop next you binging hard on Greys Anatomy. These will work great for any occasion. Did I mention they also work for PC, Xbox One AND that Shiny new Switch you got?

Raspberry Pi 3 kit $49.99

download (9)

Maybe you like your games with a side of DYI and very retro. The Pi is an extremely small, extremely versatile computer that you can literally do almost anything on including building a working arcade cabinet. If you have never heard of this amazing little computer set aside a few hours and let yourself fall into the Pi project rabbit hole

Custom Xbox controller $79.99


This one combines the personal touch of an arts and craft project with something that won’t just get taped up on a cubicle wall. There are over 8 million possible color combinations. Have a favorite sports team? Why not make a custom controller showing off their colors. And for an extra $10 you can have your gamertag engraved so when you have your buddies over they know not to touch it.


Hylian Shield Coffee Mug $11.99


Okay i know I may have dismissed coffee mugs in my opening post but how cool is this? But really you can’t go wrong with anything from ThinkGeek.


Loot Crate $15.99 per month


The gift that keeps on giving. Loot Crate is a monthly subscription based service that curates a box of goodies each month based off of a new theme like villains, or Junes theme, Alter-Ego Plans can range from one and done all the way up to a year and they offer specific Loot Crates that focus on things like gaming or anime. So if you like the idea of getting surprises in the mail each month and love everything geek culture this is a great pick.

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