Dadcade 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Each year, we like to pick out a few items that we think would make great gifts for any gamer in the family This year, we’re a little late, but there is still enough time to run down to your local electronics store and pick up some quality last minute gifts. Hopefully, these recommendations will help you as you try to figure out something to buy the gamer in your life.

Nick’s Picks

GoldWirelessWhen it came close to having my first born arrive I knew I would have to get a pair of headphones so I could hear my games while not risking waking the baby up. I’ve tried a few and by far the best that I have had is the Sony Gold Wireless Headset. The value and audio quality make this headset a must own for any PS3/PS4 or Vita owner. The additional app that lets you program different audio settings depending on the type of game you’re playing gives this the edge over any other off brand headset in this price range. Normally $99 MSRP these can be regularly found through Amazon for $79. Warning this won’t help silence poor singing in Rock Band. For a great Xbox headset check out Scott’s review of the Astro A40 Headset + Mixamp™ M80 – HALO 5 Edition


b8b8bf2cd607edd4c91b1da469171264Hey, you know what just won Game of The Year at the video game awards? The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It couldn’t have happened to a better, more deserving game/publisher. The Witcher made me lose all focus on any other game for months. Months. It’s a gorgeous game in a wonderfully detailed fantasy setting and engrossing story with branching paths with outcomes that will keep you constantly guessing if your choices were right. I have well around 40 hours in this game and I barely have made a dent in it. If you’re shopping for someone that already has the game, then maybe look into their first story DLC which is 10 dollars for at least ten hours of story. Or, you could always spring for the collector’s edition ($20) and get two Gwent decks and join in on easily, one of the funnest deck building games spawned from a game.


en-INTL-XboxOne-Elite-Controller-HM3-00001-LargeMy biggest apprehension about buying an Xbox One was the controller. It felt cheap and for some reason Microsoft refuses to make the battery integrated even thought the technology has been around for years. Well, Microsoft took care of the cheap part at the very least. The Xbox Elite Controller is a completely customizable controller, from the sticks to the d-pad even to the button mapping. The interchangeable parts have been designed to allow players of all styles and hand size to tailor the controller to their play style. If you can find this years hottest gaming accessory snag one up for $149 MSRP, although some stores like Best Buy have been having deals which include free games alongside the controller. Now if that price is too steep or stock is hard to come by, you can buy an Xbox One Plug and Play pack and at least solve one of those problems I mentioned earlier.


46793739Looking for something small to add the cornucopia of gifts you’ll be giving to the geek in your life? Funko makes a fantastic line of collectable figures that include anything from Evil Deads hero Ash, The Ecto-1, Star Wars (of course) and video games like Fallout and Borderlands. Figures run from $10 and are highly cool and addictive to collect. A lot of stores have been running buy one get one 50% off deals as well.



Scott’s Picks


No other game captured my attention this year quite like Fallout 4. If you have a gamer in your family and they haven’t already bought this masterpiece, then the choice is simple. Fallout 4 follows in the same vein as it’s predecessor Fallout 3, just with increased visuals, a fully realized Boston wasteland, and a story that will take you 200 years into the future. Nick’s game of the year may be Witcher 3 (which is a fine game in it’s own regard) but Fallout 4 gets my nod as game of the year and the most important game that should be played this year.


The_Force_Awakens_novelization_final_coverStar Wars is huge right now and chances are that if you’re a fan, you have either seen the movie already, or have plans to see it very soon. As soon as I finished watching it, I knew I wanted to learn as much as I could about the new characters and the world that exists in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I was happy to learn that the novelization of the movie is already available in both format and e-book on Amazon. The hardback version will be available in mid January, but if you have a digital reader (or really, just a computer or phone) you can begin reading it immediately. I’m already about 1/4 of the way in and this is the perfect compliment to someone who just saw the movie.


71hdRnDt7ZL._SL1500_Nintendo might be struggling when it comes to their big screen console, the Wii U, but one things for certain – The New Nintendo 3DS reigns supreme in the handheld market. With a ton of games already out for the system and plenty more coming in the new year, it’s clear that Nintendo is going to continue supporting the little handheld that could well into 2016 and beyond. Amazon is currently selling the console for $174.99 with prime shipping, so your purchase will arrive in time for Christmas if you order it soon!


steam-gift-card_800x600-jpgIf all else fails and you can’t decide on what gift to get the gamer in your life, rest assured, there is one gift that will always be a hit – a gift card to their console/pc platform of choice. Microsoft, Sony, and Steam all offer gift cards for various denominations that will fit into any stocking and are available at most outlets. If your gamer is a fan of Blizzard games (World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, etc) or maybe a League of Legends player, there are gift cards available for those as well.

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