Blizzard Rewards Longtime WoW Players

World of Warcraft players who have been subscribed since the first months of the game’s existence in 2004 are going to be receiving a nice surprise from Blizzard. The reward that will be shipped to all eligible players is a replica statue of an orc riding on a wolf (which just so happens to be a replica of the statue outside Blizzard HQ.) If you haven’t received an email from Blizzard already, chances are you won’t be receiving one.

Whether or not you love World of Warcraft, you have to admit that this dedication to fans from Blizzard is awesome. Sure, there probably aren’t a ton of people who have been subscribed for the full 10 years, and sure, they have probably paid enough to Blizzard to buy a couple dozen of these things, that doesn’t really matter in the end. What does matter is that a game company is rewarding a loyal fanbase, and that is something that should be recognized as being pretty awesome. Pictures of the statue from the MMO Champion forums can be found below.



The statue of an orc riding a wolf is actually a replica of a real statue outside of Blizzard HQ


The bottom of the statue contains the following information.


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