Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset – Why It’s a Must for the Hardcore Gamer Dad

Picture this…

You’re sitting on your couch playing your game and your kids are screaming, running around, playing; being kids. Your wife is watching them but you’re deafened by the sound of laughter and shrieks of toddlers. You’re unaware you are about to get a knife in the back by a enemy player. And boom… you’re dead!

This is your scheduled game time, your short period of indulgence and headshots, but how can you really enjoy it when you can scarcely hear over cries of “Choo choo train!” and “Maaaammaaaaa!” Well, never fear-the Astro is here to fix this problem with their newest product, the A50 Gaming Headset. Unlike wired gaming headsets, like their previous Astro A40’s, your kids wont get snagged on the wires and rip the headset off your head or pull the Mixamp from the console, damaging or possibly destroying your headset in the process.

The A50 is Astro’s newest wireless headset system. With 5.8Ghz connection you can walk away to another room and still hear what’s going on in your game and still chat with your friends. You can take a five minute break to change diapers, fix snacks, whatever and still catch all the lobby trash talk. It provides Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround sound with cover ear pads, cancelling all outside noise while gaming. And with the added ability to turn the mic on or off with the flip of the mic boom, this makes it a very user friendly system. Now your days of “accidental death by toddler scream distraction” are a thing of the past!

Now, while I do suggest if you’re a hardcore gamer and a dad this is a must, it’s not the product for everyone. This device from the audio gods isn’t cheap. The price on these units is hefty and can vary from system to system. I was able to snag my set for $250 on a Cyber Monday deal, however, the overall cost of these units can be $300 or more.  This headset is designed for the most hardcore gamer out there.  If you aren’t a fantatic when it comes to game sound, you may want to look elsewhere for a cheaper option.  This headset has a hefty price tag because you are getting a quality product.  The headsets are light and the quality is top notch when compared to others similar to it.

There are a couple negatives to the headsets though.  Unlike some other headsets on the market, the buttons on the headset cannot be programmed.  This isn’t a big deal, but it’s worth noting.  Also, the control system built into the headset can be confusing at times.  It took me a while to figure out how to pass chat through the headset, but once I did I never had another issue with it.  This isn’t a big problem though and easily overcome with a couple minutes of reading the manual (in typical guy fashion, I ignored it.)  Also, there isn’t any customization available (like custom ear covers) for the headset.  Hopefully Astro releases one in the future that has such features.

Out of all the wireless gaming headsets that I have used in the past, none have come close to the overall quality and performance of the Astro A50.  Like I mentioned earlier, this headset is only for the most hardcore gamer dads out there.  You can find much cheaper alternatives if you aren’t crazy about impeccable sound in a game.  For everyone else though, you can’t go wrong with this headset and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to experience the best game sound possible in today’s games.


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