Amazon Prime Subscription Gives 20% Off New Video Games

If there is one subscription that I constantly recommend to all of my friends, it’s Amazon Prime. My wife and I order a ton of stuff from Amazon and being able to get the products in 2 days with free shipping, plus being able to use Amazon Prime Now (the same day, 2 hour delivery system) has made life so much easier with a toddler. Throw in their decent movie/tv streaming offerings, spotify like music app, and their unlimited photo storage and it’s a no brainer that Amazon Prime is worth the $99 price tag. I didn’t need another reason to preach about our lord and savior Amazon Prime, but they¬†decided to give me another anyways.

Announced today, Amazon will now be offering 20% off all new release video games from the day pre-orders start to two weeks after the game launches. Other outlets have done this before, namely Best Buy with their “Gamers Club Unlocked” program that initially cost $119.99 for two years but that was later dropped to $29.99. Amazon is looking to compete against this program by adding this 20% off feature onto their already expansive Amazon Prime program, which many people already own. The program has already begun and will update all existing preorders that you have already placed for games in 2016.

Doing a quick search on my Prime account, I looked up Uncharted 4 to see what the final in cart, release day shipping cost would be. Right now, with the discount, it would be $47.99 new on the day it comes out. That’s an awesome deal, especially when retailers like Gamestop sell it used weeks after the game releases¬†for higher than that. I’m really curious to see if this will affect the used game market and trade in values for those games are stores like Best Buy and Gamestop.


For those of us with Amazon Prime already, this is great news. For people on the fence who are also gamers or who have gamers in their life, this could be the final push it takes to get you on board with this service. While I have talked about my digital only lifestyle when it comes to video games, I’d forsake that to save an extra 12 bucks for sure. It looks like my UPS driver is going to be seeing a lot more of the front of my house in the coming months.

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