Elevate Your Game This Season With Bulletproof Coffee

Level Up Your Coffee and Elevate Your Season

Elevate Your Game This Season With Bulletproof Coffee

As a thirty-three-year-old husband, father of two, over full time worker, gamer, part time blogger and just a full time human in general, it is safe to say that the blood pumping through my veins is less red/white blood cells, plasma and platelets and more coffee. Like way more coffee. A ton of coffee. All coffee. Before last week I could argue that there was no bad cup of coffee given the right circumstances. Well I was wrong. We were invited to try Bulletproof coffee and challenged to see how it elevated our season and I can tell you it is going to be hard going back to drinking the swill in the office coffee pot.


If you haven’t heard the name Bulletproof Coffee before then maybe you’ve heard the concept. Adding a bit of butter to your coffee in the morning to ideally keep you going until lunch and jump starting your metabolism. When I first heard about this craze two years ago, I was curious enough to try it for myself. So I got my best butter out of the fridge, which may not be grass fed but soy free, so you know close enough. Even though the butter quality wasn’t exactly up to snuff the results were pretty good. I did feel a different kind of energy and for longer. Alas me waking up early to melt butter and make coffee before work was not something destined to last. Two years I went and had bitter tasting coffee that I refilled about 6 times before lunch. Two years I had loaded up my weekend coffee with cream and not being satisfied with my energy levels. And about 14 years of being a cranky over tired grouch until my caffeine needs were met.


Enter the sweet, sweet merciful coffee gurus(?)…geniuses. The true rulers of Canadian coffee, Bulletproof looked out into the sea of many tired faces slugging to get through the holidays and said “No More.” We received a box Thursday night with everything we needed to try the proper Bulletproof style coffee.





First thing I did, aside from take a picture of course, was plan out a series of tests to see if it was really worth it. First up, test out the Brain Octane and Grass Fed Ghee in my usual office swill. I was generally impressed upon the improved taste and my non urge to go over to the coffee pot and refill it five more times to stay awake. As a side note it did feel like the most productive Friday morning I had at work in some time (sorry boss).


Bulletproof helping to keep me from murdering people at work


I have been extremely run down as of late. I have been on six days a week at work for months and my youngest decided 3 weeks ago that sleep wasn’t something she was super keen on anymore. Add on some extra responsibilities at home while my wife is at school and my gaming time, my whole reason for this site, went to almost zero as the minute I got a spare moment I decided to fall asleep instead. This led to my second experiment. Could a cup of the coffee bring me back from a post kids bedtime slump? Yeah it did. I stayed up until 1 AM. 1 AM, it was like I was 28 and didn’t have kids again.



Bulletproof helping me actually murder people on my PS4


The third experiment was finally combing all three products supplied to make the true Bulletproof upgraded, or leveled up as I like to call it, coffee after binging till 1 AM on sweet, sweet video games and waking up with the kids at 7 AM. And this is where I became hooked, folks. I was able to be a parent on six hours of sleep to a four-year-old and a two-year-old. If that doesn’t sell you on a product, then I just don’t know what will. To top everything off the quality of the coffee is actually fantastic. There isn’t a hint of bitter flavor or aftertaste to be found and it just has to be the smoothest coffee I have ever had. The people at Bulletproof take great care and pride in the growth, selection, and processing of their beans and it really shows in every cup I have made so far. Before Bulletproof I thought the bitter taste of the coffee I was drinking, whether it be Starbucks, Tim Horton or Dunkins came from the roasting process, and while that is true to some degree the biggest factor in taste is the level of mycotoxins (mold spores) contained within. Coffee is a perfect breeding ground for certain molds and as we all know mold can cause serious health issues. Something that Bulletproof proudly boasts is a third party testing for spores in all of their coffee. If you want to read more of Bulletproofs process and philosophy you can check that out here.



Bulletproof helping me keep sane on 6 hours of sleep watching as my adorable monsters throw Legos all over the living room


While I was sent product and paid to advertise on The Dadcade by Bulletproof, the thoughts and opinions are indeed my own. If I can get through this hectic life while drinking less coffee and having more energy at the end of the day to decompress and take some time for me, then I am sold. I will continue to support this product long after my samples have run out and if that right there piques your interest just a little bit, then go check out the product for yourself. Bulletproof offers an assortment of starter packs . If you are like me and drink most of your coffee at work and can’t or don’t want to mess with the measuring, Bullet proof also made single serving mix packets that contain all the essential fats you get in the traditional Upgraded coffee.You’ll be happy you did.


For more info or to try it yourself check out Bulletproof



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