It’s All Fun and Games Until You Get Winded Tying Your Shoes

It’s All Fun and Games Until You Get Winded Tying Your Shoes

Believe it or not video games were not always my only hobby. Once, back in the days of plentiful free time, I would go to the gym, play Hockey or Basketball, hang out outside, even draw or paint. Video games, while my first love, served as a sort of auxiliary hobby when I was tired or I couldn’t get out to do anything else. As most parents know, it isn’t always easy to get out and do things for yourself or the energy. After awhile video games became my main form of escapism. Got an hour to kill at the end of the night before you have to go to bed? Video games. Can barely move your arms because the only way your kid would sleep is snuggled on your arm, cutting the circulation? I guess no physical activity for me today. Parenting truly punishes your body. I can’t remember all the times my wife and I have been too busy with the kids to eat something so I’m running to grab fast food at 9 P.M. when the kids finally get to sleep or being too tired to cook so we get takeout.


I think it goes without saying, just look at the name of the post, that things caught up to me quickly. I can’t do it anymore. I want to be able to play with my kids without being winded. I want to be active again. I want to fit in all of my band t shirts again. Most importantly I want to be alive to watch my kids grow.


We recently got back from the Dad 2.0 Summit in Washington D.C. in which I used my time there to participate in some early morning workouts provided by the same guy that trains Stephen Curry and Lebron James and a nice run to the Lincoln Memorial set up by half of the awesome team over at Fandads. I used my time there to connect with other fathers going through the same struggles and I found a new sense of determination to change my bad habits and pick up some good ones. I want to get healthy again and I’m going use this site as a way to hold myself accountable. My goal is that a year from now I weigh less, eat better and am more physically active. I want to be there for my wife and my kids. It’s get healthy or teach my daughters how to tie my shoes for me.


Special thanks to Dai, Daniel, and Victor for inspiring me to get off my ass

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