The Best Mobile Apps for Kids

The Best Mobile Apps for Kids

Imagine for a moment that you’re a toddler, full of energy and a thirst for knowledge and exploration. You just want to wonder around, touching and learning and asking questions. Now imagine the most exciting place you’ve ever been to as a child, chances are it was a place you could do everything your little heart desired. Now imagine the opposite of the most exciting place you’ve ever been as a child. You imagined the Doctors office right? Maybe the grocery store? Unfortunately the world is filled with terribly mundane places that we as adults have to go to everyday. Being parents, that means we typically have our kids in tow. So, how do you keep your child occupied when their little brains and feet just want to keep moving? Apps, my friend…apps.

The Android/iOS mobile platforms offers a plethora of apps to download and a good portion of them are free. While free doesn’t always equate to good, there are some gems to be found if you don’t mind weeding through the filth.


  1. Monkey Preschool Fix-It by THUP games-$1.99 on iOS and Google Play

Unfortunately, we have had our fair share of trips to the Doctors and this is our go to app. It’s a learning app that teaches shapes, numbers, and letters. It’s bright, colorful and well designed. I’ve loved watching my daughter go from struggling to figure certain tasks to breezing through them in order to collect her prize at the end. THUP has large selection of learning apps available on the Google store that should keep your kiddo busy and learning for a while.


  1. Kids Doodle by Doodle Joy Studio- Free on Google Play

Kids Doodle is finger painting without the mess. Their finger acts as the brush letting them scribble all over your phone. There is also a good amount of options considering it is a free app. It’s simplistic and the different effects are very eye catching


  1. Metamorphabet by Vectorpark- $1.99 iOS

We got the chance to do a review for Metamorphabet and it is great.


  1. Highlights for Kids by Highlights for children, Inc- $2.99 iOS and Play

The ultimate time waster as a kid while I sat and waited to see the Doctor. This app lets you take what made those magazines so enjoyable and subtract the fact that hundreds of sick kids have fingered through them before you.

thCAY3I0G35.  Reading Rainbow app – free on iOS

It’s reading rainbow people! The successful Kickstarter is out on iOS now. While there is content available for free. The full experience costs extra but seriously it’s Reading Rainbow. It’s worth it


These are only a few of the many apps available on iPhones and Android devices that will be loved by your kids. Do you have any others that you swear by? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to run them by the boss at home the next time we go to the doctors.

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