The Geek Baby Book

The Geek Baby Book

Every geek has that thought when they first find out they are going to be a parent. Mine came pretty early on when I started ordering Star Wars pop culture prints for the nursery before we even knew what we were having. The excitement you feel when you start thinking about all the things you love and want to share with your child. What kind of memories and bonds will you and your child make over watching Luke confront Vader in cloud city or singing the theme song from Ghostbusters? What happened the first time you let your child watch Dr. Who? Luckily you can record all those important geeky firsts and memories with The Geek Baby Book.


My 1st borns name is in the chart


If you have kids, and you’re at the Dadcade so I assume you do, you probably received one of those baby memory books. You know the standard cookie cutter books where you can right down all of your babies firsts, but do they have a spot to write down if your baby was born with a lightening shaped scar? No, more than likely they do not. That’s why I was so excited when I received a review copy of this unique book. It was written by fellow geek and Star Wars comic scribe Tim Mucci and contains just about every bits about wizards, comics and of course Star Wars.

The book is laid out like a Dungeons and Dragons character sheet having the parents roll for basic stats like cuteness and stink, even selecting a moral alignment (we chose chaotic neutral). Of course when baby first arrives it starts at level 0. The Geek Baby memory book has all the regular firsts that you would expect, just with a bit more flair. The page for firsts, like tooth or Doctor visit, is laid out like a map of Middle Earth for example. There is also spot to tell all your little one about how mommy and daddy met at a comic convention. I have to say that my wife and I loved filling this out and literally geeking out over all the little nods to nerd culture. I only wish that this book was around when we had our first child, but fortunately we have another lil’ one that I’m looking forward to exposing my geek culture to. The Geek Baby book is out now


My bat girl at her first Halloween


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